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    Advantages and disadvantages of elliptical spiral air duct

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    Nowadays, the shape of domestic ventilation pipe is generally rectangular and round. Generally, the raw materials are galvanized steel plate and stainless steel plate. A new type of air duct produced by oval air duct is mainly developed on the basis of round air duct. Oval air duct absorbs the advantages of rectangular and circular spiral air ducts, and is gradually widely used in household air conditioning ventilation ducts, and it is also a kind of spiral air duct with high frequency. Let's talk about some of the advantages of elliptical spiral pipes.

    1. The elliptical spiral pipe has a longer size. Compared with the rectangular air pipe, the difficulty of manual connection and the chance of air leakage at the interface are reduced to a certain extent. Its continuous spiral structure will not leak even if it does not need leak proof glue.

    2. The internal structure of the passage is lubricated, without eddy current, which can reduce the air friction loss and noise.

    3. There is no leakage due to tight screw engagement, which has the effect of strengthening ribs and improving the strength of spiral air duct. For this reason, a thin galvanized sheet can be selected.

    4. It is made by machinery. The size of air duct needs to be unified. The maximum length can reach 12m. It is simple to connect and easy to operate on site.

    5. The occupied space is small, and the ceiling space can be fully utilized by increasing the floor height to save project investment. This is more suitable for central air conditioning and ventilation system.

    It has some disadvantages:

    Compared with the processing of rectangular and circular spiral pipes, the processing of elliptical spiral pipes is relatively messy. The oval flange processing is more difficult.

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